The Crew (1990)

This project was the first adventure in studios for the guys. This was an effort by a Post-national Songleading (Look Up! 1989 Thunder Bay, ON), Pre-Missions (Ukraine summer 1991 and Guatemala 1993) Music Team, and it has that “youthful idealism” vibe.

The cover photo reveals four CREW guys in their “Sunday best”, and a rare appearance in short hair and a suit & tie by Paul! The photo was in a garage pit, in a service station operated at the time by Elmer Haberstock, father to Joel, in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. The goal of this endeavour was to assert that the quartet was more than just a songleading team. It includes singalong variety (including ‘City On A Hill’), new friends (‘Radical God’ – Kurt Johnson, and “Lions” – Lost and Found), originals (including “Jonah”), and other team favourites.