Songs to Learn by Heart (1993)

As The CREW continued into its sixth year and second year of full-time work and touring, it did so as an independent music ministry team, out from under Concordia’s administration, but still connected with Lutheran Church-Canada as its home-base church body. The CREW carried on without one of its founding members; David opted to decline a return to full-time touring, in order to follow other ambitions, including marriage.

Brian Falkenholt left behind camp ministry in Mission BC, and joined the remaining three on tour. Along with Brian, Corey Haberstock was enlisted as sound technician & general all-purpose fifth member for the year. Songs To Learn By Heart was conceived to provide a resource for summer camps, Vacation Bible School programs, Sunday school programs, and youth programs. The accompanying songbook gives leaders the opportunity to learn and teach the songs, or to simply lead singing with the recording. A substantial variety of songs are included here: ones that had familiarity from the previous six years’ work by the team, but still felt fresh enough to songlead in a live, off-the-floor setting. It was recorded on location in Concordia Edmonton’s original auditorium, with a singalong choir, comprised of students from the Edmonton area, and augmented with friends and family of The CREW.

There recording that captures an essential part of the team’s chemistry: performing and interacting with their audience is what makes an experience with The CREW a memorable one.

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