Quad • ro • dy (1997)

By the time The CREW had begun recording Quad.ro.dy, there had been more changes taking place within the ranks of this music ministry team: David had rejoined the other original three members in 1995 for a national appearance, with other projects and invitations soon to follow. Brian Falkenholt made plans for pastoral training at Concordia Lutheran Seminary in Edmonton, and got married. Three-quarters of the team had become fathers. The CREW had opted out of full-time touring as of summer 1994. In its stead, CREW Ministries was developed, and teams were trained to travel to summer camps and Vacation Bible School programs across Canada. Full-year teams were trained and dispatched as well, on an annual basis. The original CREW guys had just celebrated a decade together in September 1997 with a cross-country tour, joined by A Face In The Crowd: the first full-time team under CREW Ministries.

When the David, Paul, Gary and Joel descended on the local Lutheran church in Canmore – with Corey Haberstock at the controls – the plan was to fulfill the constant requests for the parodies, humour, and comedy that the team would implement in live performance. The decision for a narrative style, with explanations and reminiscences between songs, makes for a fun listen.