All We Know (2002)

Since the recording of the “Together Again…” project, there was a desire to include more original material on the next album, and to revisit the studio process one more time. This was achieved in a visit to Leroy Harder’s Sun Valley Recording Studio in Kelowna BC around the Labour Day weekend. The result is an ambitious 15 song recording, with 14 of the 15 tracks written by The CREW. The style mix is still eclectic, in keeping with all of the team’s previous work. The project features a broader use of a bass & drum kit rhythm section.

Track List

  1. I'm Free[Lieffertz]
  2. Why![Haberstock]
  3. Time After Time[Lauper/Hyman]
  4. As It Is[Lieffertz/Mercier]
  5. Don't Rob God[Haberstock/Mercier]
  6. In the Image[Haberstock]
  7. That's The Day[Lieffertz]
  8. Weak Made Strong[Brucker]
  9. Daddy Knows Your Needs[Mercier]
  10. I See[Haberstock/Jaakkimainen]
  11. John 6[Lieffertz]
  12. Set Free[Lieffertz]
  13. Gone Not Forgotten[Mercier]
  14. We Will Not Grieve[Brucker]
  15. Psalm 147[Lieffertz]